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With her feet in both design and real estate, Robin Wilson can add value to a development project investor who is working to define the "best use" of land or a media story that might help that property get sold. When she worked on the Lake Nona project (pictured right), she saw the raw land, and worked with the developer to define the 'wellness/walkable community story" which made Laureate Park one of the fastest selling developments at the time, with features including EV charging stations in garages and a walkable town center. Watch Video


 Starting with her graduation from the NYU Master's program, Ms. Wilson has focused on private development projects in the area of multifamily and hospitality. She is a 4th generation member of a TX based real estate family that has held up to 20 rental properties. 

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Developers can be sure that the Robin Wilson Home design team is a partner from conception of project to creating a visual model home for a consumer. And with her real estate license, she can play a key role in marketing your concept for sale to consumer.